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2v0-641 exam

Share some VCP6-NV 2v0-641 exam questions and answers below.
How does NSX simplify the underlying physical network?
A. All configuration and state information is available via the REST APIs to automate the configuration of the physical network.
B. All configuration and state information are readily accessible, as is the mapping between virtual network topologies and the physical network.
C. All configuration and state information is stored in the local NSX BPDU database, eliminating the need for Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on the physical network.
D. All configuration and state information is cached by the NSX controllers, reducing the number of MAC/ARP table entries on the physical network.
Answer: B

What two statements correctly describe the way NSX provides integration with Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs)? (Choose two.)
A. OpenStack provides integration with the Cinder plug-in.
B. OpenStack provides integration with the Neutron plug-in.
C. VMware provides open source API plug-ins for their own CMP products such as vCloud Director and vRealize Automation.
D. VMware provides out of the box integration with their own CMP products such as vCloud Director and vRealize Automation.
Answer: B, D 300-115 dumps

Which two are valid statements regarding third-party services and NSX? (Choose two.)
A. Third party services are automatically registered with NSX Manager.
B. Third party services can either be automatically or manually registered with NSX Manager.
C. Third party services require the deployment of a virtual appliance.
D. Third party services may or may not utilize a service virtual appliance.
Answer: B, D

Which NSX feature provides the ability to audit network traffic, define and refine firewall polices, and identify threats to the network?
B. Flow Monitoring
C. Logical Routers
D. Service Composer
Answer: B

Which two statements are true regarding NSX? (Choose two.)
A. Workloads can be placed and moved independently of physical topology.
B. Operational efficiency can be achieved through automation of the physical network.
C. Workload deployments are non-disruptive over the existing physical network.
D. NSX implementation requires a VMware vSphere environment.
Answer: A, C

2v0-641 exam

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