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Exam Code: 70-346
Exam Name: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
Q&As: 211

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70-346 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-346 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Question No : 30  An organization prepares to implement Office 365. You have the following requirements: Gather information about the requirements for the Office 365 implementation. Use a supported tool that provides the most comprehensive information about the current environment. You need to determine the organization’s readiness for the Office 365 implementation. What should you do?
A. Run the Windows PowerShell cmdlet Get-MsolCompanylnformation.
B. Run the OnRamp for Office 365 tool.
C. Install the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool.
D. Run the Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool.
70-346 exam Answer: B
Question No : 31 DRAG DROP  A company plans to implement an Office 365 environment to manage email. All user accounts must be configured to use only a custom domain. You need to provision an Office 365 tenant for the company. Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
70-346 dumps
Question No : 32  A company plans to use Office 365 to provide email services for users. You need to ensure that a custom domain name is used. What should you do first?
A. Add the custom domain name to Office 365 and then verify it.
B. Verify the existing domain name.
C. Create an MX record in DNS.
D. Create a CNAME record in DNS.
70-346 dumps Answer: A
Question No : 33
You create an Office 365 tenant. You assign administrative roles to other users. You hire a new user named User2. User2 must NOT be able to change passwords for other users. You need to assign an administrative role to User2.
Which role should you assign?
A. Service administrator
B. Global administrator
C. Delegate administrator
D. Password administrator
Answer: B
Question No : 34 HOTSPOT  You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. User1 leaves the company. You must delete the account for User1. In the table below, identify when each type of data will be deleted. Make only one selection in each column. Each correct selection is worth one point.
70-346 dumps
70-346 dumps

Question No : 35 HOTSPOT  A company has an Active Directory Domain Service (AD OS) domain. All servers run Windows Server 2008. You have an on-premises Exchange 2010 server. The company plans to migrate to Office 365. In the table below, identify the required action for each phase of the pilot. Make only one selection in each column. Each correct selection is worth one point.
70-346 dumps

Question No : 36 DRAG DROP  You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. The company has Office 365 Enterprise E3 licenses for each of its 250 employees. The company does not allow email or Lync Online licenses to be assigned to external contractors. User1 is an external contractor who requires access to SharePoint and Office Web Apps
only. You need to add a license for User1’s account. What should you do? To answer, drag the appropriate action to the correct location or locations. Each action may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.

70-346 dumps
Which of the following Advisories are submitted to a formal review process by The IIA’s Professional Issues Committee or other group designated by the Guidance Planning Committee?
A. Hurricane Advisories
B. Products & services security Advisories
C. Practice Advisories
D. Security Advisories
Answer: C
As a part of the development of the Professional Practices Framework, significant portions of the information contained in the __________ Guidelines have been converted to Practice Advisories. Omnibus Practice Advisories ___________ are based on information previously published in the ________ but have been updated to be consistent with the new Standards and the Professional Practices Framework:
A. “Yellow Book”, 100-1 through 3600-1, “Red Book”
B. “Red Book”, 1000-1 through 2600-1, “Red Book”
C. “Black Book”, 2000-1 through 2600-1, “Red Book”
D. “Blue Book”, 1000-1 through 600-1, “Red Book”
70-346 pdf Answer: B
Which institution plays a major role in auditing government accounts and operations and in promoting sound financial management and accountability in their governments?
A. International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (ISPPIA).
B. Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs)
C. International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) Standards.
D. International Standards on Auditing (ISA).
Answer: B
All of the following are the standards common to auditors and SAIs EXCEPT:
A. The auditor and the SAI must not be independent.
B. The auditor and the SAI must possess the required competence.
C. The auditor and the SAI must be independent.
D. The auditor and the SAI must exercise due care and concern in complying with the INTOSAI auditing standards.
70-346 vce Answer: C
The purpose of _________ is to establish the criteria or overall framework for the purposeful, systematic, and balanced steps or actions that the auditor has to follow. And they are related to the general____________, which set out the basic requirements for undertaking the tasks covered by the field standards:
A. Control standards, Field standards
B. Auditing standards, Field standards
C. Field standards, Control standards
D. Field standards, Auditing standards
Answer: D
Following are the field standards that are applicable to all types of audits EXCEPT:
A. The controller, in determining the extent and scope of the audit, should study and evaluate the reliability of internal control.
B. Competent, relevant, and reasonable evidence should be obtained to support the auditor’s judgment and conclusions regarding the organization, program, activity, or function under audit.
C. The auditor should plan the audit in a manner which ensures that an audit of high quality is carried out in an economic, efficient, and effective way and in a timely manner.
D. The work of the audit staff at each level and audit phase should be properly supervised during the audit; and documented work should be reviewed by a senior member of the audit staff.
70-346 exam Answer: A

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