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Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals – Microsoft:
Candidates for this exam are familiar with the concepts and the technologies of Windows Server administration.
Candidates should have some hands-on experience with Windows Server, Windows-based networking, Active Directory,
account management, and system recovery tools and concepts.

pass4itsure 98-365 exam Skills measured

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.

  • Understanding server installation (10–15%)
  • Understanding server roles (25–30%)
  • Understanding Active Directory (20–25%)
  • Understanding storage (10–15%)
  • Understanding server performance management (10–15%)
  • Understanding server maintenance (15–20%)

The latest Microsoft MTA 98-365 exam practice questions test your strength

Which type of IIS authentication does not provide a username and password?
A. anonymous
B. ASP.NET Impersonation
C. Basic Authentication
D. Windows Authentication
Correct Answer: A
Authentication is used to confirm the identity of clients who request access to your sites and applications. Anonymous
authentication allows access without providing a username and password.


You have installed iSCSI Initiator to enable block-based storage area networks in the network infrastructure of your
organization. For security reasons, you need to configure authentication protocols in the network.
Which of the following protocols will you use with iSCSI Initiator? Each correct answer represents a complete solution.
(Choose two.)
B. IPSec
Correct Answer: AB
iSCSI Initiator supports the Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) and Internet Protocol security
(IPSec) protocols. So, you can configure only these two protocols with iSCSI Initiator in network infrastructure.


Services that are required to enable another service to run are referred to as service:
A. Roots
B. Prerequisites
C. Dependencies
D. Parents
E. Hosts
Correct Answer: C
Some services have dependency services that do not start until their dependency services start first.


Which of the following are the levels of printer permissions provided by Windows Server 2016? Each correct answer
represents a complete solution. (Choose three.)
A. Manage documents
B. Print
C. Reload the printer
D. Manage this printer
Correct Answer: ABD
There are three levels of printer permissions provided by Windows Server 2016: Print: It permits users to send
documents to the printer. Manage this printer: It permits users to modify printer settings and configurations. Manage
documents: It gives the ability to cancel, pause, resume, or restart a print lob.
Incorrect Answers:
C: There is no such level of printer permission in Windows Server 2016 as reload the printer.


What shares are usually hidden and are used for administrative purposes?
A. denied view share
B. explicit share
C. magic share
D. administrative share
Correct Answer: D
An administrative share is a shared folder typically used for administrative purposes and usually hidden. To make any
shared folder or drive hidden, the share name must have a $ at the end of it.


You work as a Server Administrator for company Inc. The company has a Windows-based network environment.
You need to make a balance between accessibility, security, and cost while planning for backup.
Which of the following management methods will allow you to switch to the backup site while repairing the primary site?
A. Near-line
B. Backup site
C. Off-line
D. On-line
Correct Answer: B
You should use the backup site management method.
This method allows you to switch to the backup site while repairing the primary site. It is a very expensive solution and it
is difficult to implement this solution properly.
Incorrect Answers:
A: The near-line method is less accessible and less expensive than the on- line method. It is used to include a tape
library with restore times ranging from seconds to a few minutes.
C: The off-line method requires some direct human action to manually load tapes into a tape library or drive. Access
time can vary from minutes to hours or days.
D: The on-line method is the most accessible type of data storage in which hard disks or disk arrays are used. In this
method, restore begins in milliseconds.


You need to centralize administration of print servers and network printers. What should you use?
A. Print Management
B. Printers and Faxes
C. Device Manager
D. Print queue
Correct Answer: A
There are two primary tools that you can use to administer a Windows print server in Windows Server 2016: Server
Manager and Print Management.


You turn on a computer. What happens first?
A. The operating system is loaded.
B. The boot sector is accessed.
C. The BIOS is loaded.
D. The Master Boot Record (MBR) is accessed.
Correct Answer: C


Web developers request FTP access to the Web server so that they can upload and download updated contents.
Which of the following ports does FTP use for communication? Each correct answer represents a complete solution.
(Choose two.)
A. 20
B. 80
C. 23
D. 21
Correct Answer: AD
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to copy a file from one host to another over a TCP/IP-
based network, such as the Internet. FTP is built on a client-server architecture and utilizes separate control and data
connections between the client and server applications, which solves the problem of different end host configurations
(i.e., Operating System, file names).
FTP is used with user-based password authentication or with anonymous user access. FTP uses ports 20 and 21 for
Incorrect Answers:
B: Port 80 is used for HTTP which is used to request and transmit files, especially Web pages and Webpage
components, on the World Wide Web.
C: Port 23 is used for Telnet which is used on the Internet to provide a bidirectional interactive text-oriented
communications using a virtual terminal connection.


Which of the following administrative tools will you use to set up recovery actions that take place when a service fails
and to create custom names and descriptions for services so that they can be easily identified?
A. Component Services
B. Services
C. Computer Management
D. System Configuration
Correct Answer: B
You should use Services to set up recovery actions that take place when a service fails and to create custom names
and descriptions for services so that they can be easily identified. It manages services on computers.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Component Services is used to deploy and administer COM+ programs from a GUI interface and automate
administrative tasks using a scripting or programming language.
C: Computer Management is used to manage local computers or remote computers from a single, consolidated desktop
D: System Configuration is used to identify issues that can affect Windows performance.


Which FSMO role is the master time server and password keeper?
A. Schema Master
B. Domain Naming Master
C. PDC Emulator
D. Infrastructure Master
Correct Answer: C
The Primary Domain Controller (PDC) was the main domain controller used with Windows NT. The PDC Emulator
provides backward compatibility for NT4 clients. It also acts as the primary server for password changes and as the
master time server within the domain.


What type of server serves HTML files to clients?
A. web server
B. FTP server
C. SMB server
D. application server
Correct Answer: A
The World Wide Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents known as web pages that can be viewed with a
web browser such as Internet Explorer. Those pages are provided by a web server.


What is the recommended share permission and NTFS permission you should assign to a folder that you shared?
A. Full Control
B. Read
C. Write
D. List Folder and Execute
Correct Answer: A
As with NTFS, you can allow or deny each share permission. To simplify managing share and NTFS permissions,
Microsoft recommends giving Everyone Full Control at the share level, and then controlling access via NTFS

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