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Free Cisco CCNP 300-715 SISE exam dumps PDF

Free Cisco CCNP 300-715 SISE exam PDF Drive

Latest Cisco CCNP 300-715 SISE exam questions online practice


An organization wants to improve its BYOD processes to have Cisco ISE issue certificates to the BYOD endpoints.
Currently, they have an active certificate authority and do not want to replace it with Cisco ISE.

What must be configured within Cisco ISE to accomplish this goal?

A. Create a certificate signing request and have the root certificate authority sign it.
B. Add the root certificate authority to the trust store and enable it for authentication.
C. Create a SCEP profile to link Cisco ISE with the root certificate authority.
D. Add an OCSP profile and configure the root certificate authority as secondary.
Correct Answer: C


Which valid external identity source can be used with Cisco ISE?

A. IPsec VPN authentication
B. smart card
C. local user name and password
D. TACACS+ token
Correct Answer: B


Which two task types are included in the Cisco ISE common tasks support for TACACS+ profiles?
(Choose two.)

A. Firepower
E. Shell
Correct Answer: BE

TACACS+ ProfileTACACS+ profiles control the initial login session of the device administrator. A session refers to each
individual authentication, authorization, or accounting request. A session authorization request to a network device
elicits an ISE response.

The response includes a token that is interpreted by the network device, which limits the commands that may be executed for the duration of a session. The authorization policy for a device administration access service can contain a single shell profile and multiple command sets.

The TACACS+ profile definitions are split into two components:
1. Common tasks
2. Custom attributes
There are two views on the TACACS+ Profiles page (Work Centers > Device Administration > Policy Elements > Results

TACACS Profiles)–Task Attribute View and Raw View. Common tasks can be entered using the Task Attribute View
and custom attributes can be created in the Task Attribute View as well as the Raw View.

The Common Tasks section allows you to select and configure the frequently used attributes for a profile. The attributes
that are included here are those defined by the TACACS+ protocol draft specifications.

However, the values can bus in the authorization of requests from other services. In the Task Attribute View, the ISE administrator can set the privileges that will be assigned to the device administrator. The common task types are:

1. Shell
2. WL
3. Nexus
4. Generic

The Custom Attributes section allows you to configure additional attributes. It provides a list of attributes that are not
recognized by the Common Tasks section. Each definition consists of the attribute name, an indication of whether th
attribute is mandatory or optional, and the value for the attribute.

In the Raw View, you can enter the mandatory attributes using an equal to (=) sign between the attribute name and its value, and optional attributes are entered using an asterisk (*) between the attribute name and its value.

The attributes entered in the Raw View are reflected in the Custom Attributes section in the Task Attribute View and vice versa. The Raw View is also used to copy-paste the attribute list (for example, another product\’s attribute list) from the clipboard onto ISE. Custom attributes can be defined for nonshell services.


When planning for the deployment of Cisco ISE, an organization\’s security policy dictates that they must use network
access authentication via RADIUS. It also states that the deployment provides an adequate amount of security and
visibility for the hosts on the network.

Why should the engineer configure MAB in this situation?

A. The Cisco switches only support MAB.
B. MAB provides the strongest form of authentication available.
C. The devices in the network do not have a supplicant.
D. MAB provides user authentication.
Correct Answer: C


During BYOD flow, from where does a Microsoft Windows PC download the Network Setup Assistant?

A. Cisco App Store
B. Microsoft App Store
C. Cisco ISE directly
D. Native OTA functionality
Correct Answer: C


In which scenario does Cisco ISE allocate an Advanced license?

A. guest services with DACL enforcement
B. endpoint authorization using SGA enforcement
C. dynamic device profiling
D. high availability Administrator nodes
Correct Answer: C


An administrator is adding network devices for a new medical building into Cisco ISE. These devices must be in a
network device group that is identifying them as “Medical Switch” so that the policies can be made separately for the
endpoints connecting through them.

Which configuration item must be changed in the network device within Cisco ISE to accomplish this goal?

A. Change the device type to Medical Switch.
B. Change the device profile to Medical Switch.
C. Change the model name to Medical Switch.
D. Change the device location to Medical Switch.
Correct Answer: A


Which scenario does not support Cisco ISE guest services?

A. wired NAD with local WebAuth
B. wireless LAN controller with central WebAuth
C. wireless LAN controller with local WebAuth
D. wired NAD with central WebAuth
Correct Answer: B


An administrator is configuring TACACS+ on a Cisco switch but cannot authenticate users with Cisco ISE. The
configuration contains the correct key of Cisc039712287. but the switch is not receiving a response from the Cisco ISE
instance What must be done to validate the AAA configuration and identify the problem with the TACACS+ servers?

A. Check for server reachability using the test aaa group tacacs+ admin legacy command.
B. Test the user account on the server using the test aaa group radius server CUCS user admin pass legacy command.
C. Validate that the key value is correct using the test aaa authentication admin legacy command.
D. Confirm the authorization policies are correct using the test aaa authorization admin drop legacy command.
Correct Answer: A


Which configuration is required in the Cisco ISE Authentication policy to allow Central Web Authentication?

A. MAB and if user not found, continue
B. MAB and if authentication failed, continue
C. Dot1x and if user not found, continue
D. Dot1x and if authentication failed, continue
Correct Answer: A


Which RADIUS attribute is used to dynamically assign the Inactivity active timer for MAB users from the Cisco ISE

A. session timeout
B. idle timeout
C. radius-server timeout
D. termination-action
Correct Answer: B

When the inactivity timer is enabled, the switch monitors the activity from authenticated endpoints. When the inactivity
timer expires, the switch removes the authenticated session. The inactivity timer for MAB can be statically configured on the switch port, or it can be dynamically assigned using the RADIUS idle-timeout attribute


An administrator is adding a switch to the network that is running cisco ISE and is only for IP phones. the phones do not have the ability to authenticate via 802.1x. Which command is needed on each switch port for authentication?

A. dot1x system-auth-control
B. enable bypass-mac
C. enable network-authentication
D. mab
Correct Answer: D


Which statement is true?

A. A Cisco ISE Advanced license is perpetual in nature.
B. A Cisco ISE Advanced license can be installed on top of a Base and/or Wireless license.
C. A Cisco ISE Wireless license can be installed on top of a Base and/or Advanced license.
D. A Cisco ISE Advanced license can be used without any Base licenses.
Correct Answer: B

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