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Specialist -Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity SolutionsVersion 2.0:

EMC EMCIE E20-393 Online Exam Practice Questions

A system administrator has added a new Unity storage array to their environment. The administrator wants to migrate
block data from vVNX running in their VMware environment to a UnityVSA. In addition, the administrator needs to
migrate the block data from an older CLARiiON storage array to the new Unity storage array.
Which single block migration option will work for both the virtual and hardware storage devices?
A. SAN Copy Push
C. Host-Based LVM
D. RecoverPoint
Correct Answer: A
You move Block storage from a CLARiiON CX or VNX Series storage system to an EMC Unity system.
Note: Clariion (styled CLARiiON) is a discontinued [1] SAN disk array manufactured and sold by EMC Corporation, it
occupied the entry-level and mid-range of EMC\\’s SAN disk array products. In 2011, EMC introduced the EMC VNX
Series, designed to replace both the Clariion and Celerra products.
Incorrect Answers:
D: EMC RecoverPoint protects storage arrays LUNs and provides concurrent local and multiple remote data replication
copies with continuous data protection for any PiT Recovery. It supports EMC VMAX 10K, 20K, 40K, VNX, VNXe3200,
VNX-F, VPLEX, XtremIO and 3rd party arrays via VPLEX.

A system administrator has configured a system using the Initial Configuration wizard. After completing the wizard, the
administrator discovers that an incorrect IP address has been assigned to the Unity system. How can the IP address be
A. The IP address cannot be changed once it has been configured
B. Through the Service interface using the ifconfig command
C. In the Unisphere Settings menu
D. The IP address can only be changed using the UEMCLI
Correct Answer: D
The svc_initial_config UEMCLI command sets up initial system configuration. It configures a management IP address
when the Connection Utility (CU) is not available on the network. If an address is set, this command can also change
the management IPv4 and IPv6 configuration mode. It attempts to configure the system with the given friendly name
and/or network parameters.
Note: The Unisphere CLI (UEMCLI) is a tool that provides us with the CLI access to perform the same actions as one
would on the Unisphere web interface. References:
(page 60)

You are creating a dynamic pool using 12 drives in the Unisphere GUI. Which RAID stripe width will be set when
creating the dynamic pool using RAID 6?
A. 4+2
B. 6+2
C. 8+2
D. 10+2
Correct Answer: D

Which operation can be performed on the General tab of the LUN Properties page?
A. Extand the LUN
B. Grant Host access
C. Replicate the LUN
D. Set Host I/O limits
Correct Answer: A

Which software bundles are provided with the Unity Starter software package?
A. FAST Cache and Fast VP
B. Thin Provisioning and Quality of Service
C. Controller-Based Encryption and RecoverPoint Basic
D. FAST Cache and Local Point-in-Time Copies
Correct Answer: A
The UnityVSA offers a dynamic deployment model that allows you to start for free and grow as business needs evolve.
UnityVSA include:
FAST Cache leverages the performance of Flash media to improve workloads that are interfacing with spinning disk
Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) ensures your data is distributed effectively across the
various media types in a multi-tier pool.
Reference: (page20)

What is the significance of setting a soft quota limit?
A. Allows the user the ability to compress the offending data.
B. Prevents UNIX hosts from encountering a stale mount.
C. Required to meet SEC regulatory requirements.
D. Provides a grace period before enforcing the quota limit.
Correct Answer: D

What block size do Dell EMC Unity systems use to copy highly accessed blocks of data from spinning drives into FAST
A. 16 KB
B. 32 KB
C. 64 KB
D. 128 KB
Correct Answer: C
Reference: (2)

What is the function of the File Import data mobility feature?
A. Imports NFSv3 configured NAS Server with its associated file systems from one Unity system to another.
B. Provides mobility of NFSv3 datastores between Unity systems for ESXi host disaster recovery
C. Provides disaster recovery, replicating a VNX VDM and its file systems to a remote Unity system.
D. Migrates NFSv3 configured VDM with its associated file systems from a VNX system to a Unity system.
Correct Answer: D

Which VASA API protocol is used to integrate with Dell EMC UnityVSA over HTTPS?
Correct Answer: D

A storage administrator has requested a recommendation on upgrading their VNX5600 to a comparable Unity storage
array. The solution requires a maximum capacity of 3.5 PB. To meet the administrator\\’s requirement without over
provisioning the capacity, which Unity Hybrid storage array is recommended?
A. Unity 300
B. Unity 400
C. Unity 500
D. Unity 600
Correct Answer: D
Unity 600 delivers 1.2 TB to 3.0 PB max raw capacity. Incorrect Answers:
A: Unity 300 delivers 3.6 TB to 900 TB max raw capactiy
B: Unity 400 delivers 1.2 PB to 1.5 PB max raw capacity
C: Unity 500 delivers 1.2 TB to 2.1 PB max raw capacity Reference:

Where can Unity Compression be enabled?
A. All-Flash systems only
B. All-Flash and 3-tier pools
C. All-Flash pools only
D. Thick LUNs only
Correct Answer: B

What functionality is provided by the Unity UFS64 Enterprise File System architecture?
A. File systems scaled up to 16 TB.
B. QoS controlled by density-based policies.
C. Up to 64,000 sub-directories per directory
D. Space reclamation of unused blocks.
Correct Answer: D

Which operation can be performed from the FAST VP settings section in the Unisphere Settings window?
A. Enable scheduled data relocation at the pool level
B. Exclude pool from the data relocation schedule
C. Enable scheduled data relocation at the system level
D. View the data relocation progress between tiers
Correct Answer: A
FAST VP accelerates performance of a specific storage pool by automatically moving data within that pool to the
appropriate drive technology, based on data access patterns. FAST VP is only applicable to hybrid pools. FAST VP is
most effective if data relocations occur during or immediately after normal daily processing. EMC recommends
scheduling FAST VP relocations to occur before backups or nightly batch processing.

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