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EMC Specialist E05-001 Online Exam Practice Questions

What is an accurate statement about remote desktop services?
A. Operating system and applications hosted on a remote compute system are shared by multiple users
B. Users are provided dedicated virtual machines running operating system and applications, and hosted on a client
C. Users have the flexibility to install applications and modify operating system settings on the remote compute system
D. Users\\’ interface of the remote desktop is transmitted to the client without the use of a remote display protocol
Correct Answer: A

What describes an advantage of the changed block tracking backup technique?
A. Increase backup device performance
B. Enable restoration to any point-in-time
C. Eliminate the need for data deduplication
D. Reduce the backup window
Correct Answer: A

What is a benefit of using converged infrastructure for building a data center?
A. Reduces the time to acquire and deploy the infrastructure
B. Provides the flexibility to purchase individual IT components
C. Integrates existing IT components into the infrastructure
D. Offers the flexibility to change vendors and prevent vendor lock-in
Correct Answer: A

Which type of digital data consists of textual data with inconsistent formats but can be formatted with the use of software
A. Quasi-structured data
B. Semi-structured data
C. Metadata
D. Unstructured data
Correct Answer: A

What is a function of a virtual machine manager?
A. Abstracts physical hardware and presents it to a virtual machine
B. Sends resource requests from multiple virtual machines to the hypervisor kernel
C. Maps the virtual machine hardware to the hypervisor kernel
D. Presents resource requests from a virtual machine directly to physical hardware
Correct Answer: A

What is a benefit of N_Port virtualization (NPV)?
A. Reduces the number of domain IDs in a fabric
B. Eliminates the overhead of fabric services in an FC SAN
C. Enables online expansion of virtual volumes
D. Allows an N_Port to transfer multiple VSAN traffic
Correct Answer: A

A customer has a requirement to perform a backup each night. However, the customer has a limited amount of time for
backups to run on week nights, Monday through Friday evenings.
Which backup granularity type is recommended to meet the backup window for those nights?
A. Incremental
B. Cumulative
C. Full
D. Differential
Correct Answer: C

What keeps the name server up-to-date on all switches in a fabric?
B. Management server
C. Zoning
Correct Answer: A

Which type of storage device does the “X” represent in the exhibit?pass4itsure e05-001 exam question q9

A. Object-based
B. Block-based
C. File-based
D. Unified-based
Correct Answer: A

Which technique protects the data in cache from power failures?
A. Vaulting
B. Mirroring
C. Cache tiering
D. Idle flushing
Correct Answer: A

What is a benefit of link aggregation in a SAN?
A. Provides a higher throughput than a single interswitch link can provide
B. Distributes the network traffic across all virtual SANs, ensuring even virtual SAN utilization
C. Optimizes performance by consolidating all interswitch links into a single physical link
D. Provides the flexibility to deploy the same interswitch links for both FC and iSCSI traffic
Correct Answer: A

Which EMC product provides a software-defined platform that supports both block and file storage services?
A. ViPR Controller
B. ScaleIO
C. Elastic Cloud Storage
D. XtremIO
Correct Answer: A

Which capability is provided by a software-defined storage controller?
A. Ability to pool and abstract physical storage and present it as an open storage platform
B. Ability for multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a single physical compute system
C. Mechanisms to automatically create application programming interfaces for centralized management
D. Single self-contained package with integrated hardware and software components
Correct Answer: A

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