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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 200-155 Dumps Exam Q&As:

1.Which of the following options does not belong to the hardware components of IP SAN?
A.Ethernet connected devices
B.iSCSI Host bus adapters
C.Storage Device
D.initiator Starter
200-155 exam Answer: D
2.Which of the sharing manners are Reliability Technology Cluster used in storing data? (Selected 3 answers)
A.Mirror mode
B.No sharing
D.Manual mode
Answer: A, B, C
3.In the multipath environments of iSCSI link, for failover failures, which aspects will be usually diagnosed? (Selected 3 answers)
A.Confirm the compatibility of open-iscsi and multipath
B.Check Multipath Service started or not and Multipath module loading
C.Check Controller Status, especially Peer controller
D.Check the Parameter configuration of /etc/iscsi.conf document ConnFailTimeout=0
200-155 dumps Answer: A, B, C
4.In the same case of IO environment and disk type, which of the following description of RAID5/RAID10 Performance Comparison is wrong?
A.Space utilization: Raid5 is obviously better than Raid10
B.Security: Raid5 is lower than Raid10
C.When read the business which belongs to large files, the performance of Raid5 is obviously better than Raid10
D.When read the business belongs to the Radom small IO, Raid5 is the best choice
Answer: D
5.A control box of S5500 configured eight FC 300G and eight SATA 1T hard drives.Five FC 300G hard drives made RAID group 0, Five SATA 1TB hard drives made RAID group 1.Now, want to configure global hot spare disk for storage, in this case, how to configure it?
A.A FC 300GB disk set to global hot spare disk
B.A SATA 1TB disk set to global hot spare disk
C.A FC 300GB disk and a SATA 1TB disk set to global hot spare disk, respectively.
D.In this configuration, this device cannot configure global hot spare.
200-155 pdf Answer: C
6.LUN Dynamic expansion can expand LUN between different RAID group.

Answer: A
7.For LUN copy function of storage array, the same LUN cannot be target LUN of multiple incremental LUN copy.
Answer: A
8.Which basic functions can log analysis function of maintenance Assistant achieve? (Select 3 answers)
A.Log import
B.Log filter C.Keyword
Search D.Information
200-155 vce Answer: A, B,
9.In the process of SAN storage controller troubleshooting, before replacing the controller, in order to ensure that data is consistent, just make sure that LUN of belonging to controller can send IO when there is no host, don’t have to do other operations.
Answer: A
10.Multi-path software failover and failback process apply transparent to the host, to avoid the path failure between the host and array which led to the suspension of IO.
200-155 exam Answer: A
11.Which of the following opinions about storage system boot failure or abnormal problem diagnosis are correct?
A.After the system is powered on, the control box is not normal boot within 15 minutes (system status indicator has been flashing orange), you can preliminarily determine the system fail to power on.
B.When storage system is powered on, ISM cannot login successfully, you can determine the system boot failure.
C.After the storage is powered on, the controller indicator light is red, you can determine the system boot failure
D.After the system is powered on, login MML and executive sys status to check the system status. If the status of System Running Status is flash cache, you can determine the system boot failure.
Answer: A
12.Synchronous remote replication connection between two storage array can use FC link or iSCSI link, and which can use the two kinds of links to connect at the same time.

200-155 dumps Answer: B
13.Under HP-UX system, what command is used to check FC-HBA card WWN?
A.fcinfo hba-port
B.lscfg -pvl fcs0
C.fcmsutil /dev/fcd0
Answer: C
14.Which of the following opinions are correct? (Select 2 answers)
A.In the process of disk array creating RAID group, it suggest that configure hot spare is the best.
B.as long as the type of disk is the same as the RAID group member, which can do hot spare disk of RAID group
C.reasonably choose different rotating speed of disk as the same RAID group can effectively improve the performance of the RAID group
D.the same disk array can be configured in multiple hot spare disks
200-155 pdf Answer: A, D
15.Under AIX system, the method of checking initiator node name can through smitty device.
Answer: A
16.Which does not belong to HostAgent component?
A.HyperManager server
D.HyperManager client
Answer: D
17.The source LUN of storage array remote copy is 500GB, which of the following LUN can be used as the subordinate LUN of remote copy?
200-155 vce Answer: B
18.Which of the following commands are scanning disk under AIX? (select 2 answers)
B.lsdev -Cc disk
C.cfgmgr -v
D.cfgmgr -l iscsi0
Answer: C, D

19.To improve performance, hot zone should be distributed in traditional hard disk inside as far as possible, because access data is fast in disk inside.
200-155 exam Answer: B
20.Which are the troubleshooting steps of fault diagnosis for iSCSi host link? (Select 3 Answers)
A.check the indicator light of the host network ports, storage host port is normal or not
B.checked whether there is any quality problem of network cable (replacement method)
C.check the status of ISM interface iSCSI host port
D.check whether the host can ping storage business IP and telent port is successful or not, such as Telnet IP 3620
Answer: A, B, C

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